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Some Emerging Options For Critical Factors In National Health Service

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Credit: Edgar Su/Reuters Singaporeon Monday confirmed moreZikainfections, bringing the total number of cases past 50 as mosquito-fighting teams saturated the scene of the outbreak amid growing public alarm. Player utilities PRI.org In a statement, the Ministry of Health and the National Environment Agency said theyhad found 15 new cases of locally transmittedZikavirus, all in an eastern suburban area known as Aljunied, up from 41 on Sunday. Most of those affected were foreign workers at a condominium construction project. Nearly all have recovered, but doctors said more Singaporean women were asking to be tested. In pregnant women,Zikacan cause microcephaly, a deformation in which babies are born with abnormally small brains and heads. On Monday, inspectors from the environment agency checking for mosquito-breeding sites visited homes in the area, as well as dormitories housing foreign workers. “It’s quite frightening, because I thoughtZikais something happening on the other side of the world. But now it’s right here in my neighborhood,” customer service manager Josephine Kwan, who lives in the affected suburb, told AFP. Construction sites breed mosquitoes Credit: Reuters Singapore, despite the highest health care standards in Southeast Asia, is a densely populated tropical island with frequent rain. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water that collects in construction sites, open space and homes. It is also one of Asia’s cleanest cities, but has a chronic problem with dengue fever, which is spread by the same Aedes mosquito that carries theZikavirus. Singapore’s first reported case ofZikain May involved a man who had visited Sao Paulo in Brazil earlier in the year. But all of the latest cases involved local transmission. The Straits Times newspaper quoted local doctor Tan Thai Keng, whose surgery reported four of the latest cases, as saying more women were visiting the clinic as news of the outbreak spread.

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