Apr 19

Some Emerging Guidelines On Key Criteria In Guidance For Medical Interview

I would want them to experience the good, the bad and the ugly. Members have to be at least 21 to get on the bus, but Eymer says he has made a few exceptions for those who are over 18 if they have a medical marijuana card. The tour itself costs $99, and it makes three stops. The first stop is Medicine Man, aka the Walmart of Weed (appropriately so, given its the largest dispensary in Colorado). Tourists there learn how to grow marijuana indoors, and they are shown the nutrients needed to produce a healthy plant. Next, they stop at a dispensary called River Rock. Finally, they stop at Glasscraft and see a glassblower make a pipe. A tour guide accompanies the crowd, and his primary role is to pass around a bong and keep guests happy and hydrated (especially given Colorados mile high altitude). The tour begins at noon and ends, fittingly, at 4:20 pm. Entrepreneur and a family man Now, with 30 employees, CCT has evolved to offer much more than its namesake tours. Eymer and his business partner Heidi Keyes, a visual artist, offer Puff Pass and Paint, a cannabis-friendly painting class, and an edible-making demo called Cooking with Cannabis, taught by a Culinary Institute of the Arts-trained chef who teaches people how to infuse coconut oil with cannabinoids. Eymer and Keyes are planning to expand to California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., starting in January 2018.

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guidance for medical interview

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